Manifesto no. 1 "You are stuck in place"

Dear Real Estate Professional, you are stuck in place. While the technology-driven world is accelerating, many people do not move forward.

You feel sorry for those that cannot adapt. Sometimes you laugh, but more often you do not understand. In a world where autonomous vehicles take to the roads, there are still taxi drivers waiting for a call from a dispatcher. At a time when meetings can take place in each corner of the world without leaving the house, there are still offices that require you to appear in person. In the midst of a cryptocurrency revolution, there are still shops where you cannot pay cashless. When algorithms can gather trillions of pieces of data without you knowing, there are still industries based on a notebook and a spreadsheet. In a world where you can get to know everything in a fraction of a second, there are still employees who have to make a call for information… Although in our private lives all of us use technology, are you sure that you are not wasting your time at work?

Dear Real Estate Professional, you are stuck in place because:

  • Your CRM system is still only a mailbox,
  • Your database means a spreadsheet and a phone book,
  • Your clients are always waiting endlessly for an offer,
  • Your offers are out-of-date before you even finish them,
  • Your business intel is only your long experience,
  • Your artificial intelligence is just your own mind,
  • Your…

The real estate market is in the process of evolution and slow adaptation. It is the wrong way to go because the world is getting faster and it is not going to wait — according to Moore’s Law, technological capability doubles every two years, accelerating this transformation and opening new opportunities.

The real estate market is on the verge of a technological revolution. And you? Where are you now? And where do you want to be?

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