Manifesto no. 2 "Join the real estate revolution"

Dear Real Estate Professional, join the tech revolution. The commercial real estate market is on the verge of a technological revolution.

The changes will affect every market sector — office, warehouse, and retail. Managers, analysts, consultants, architects, and experts will be forced to change their ways of working. In fact, big data will drive the virtual representation of the market. At the very beginning, artificial intelligence (AI) will assist in investment decision-making, and then it will make the decisions by itself. Also, virtual reality (VR) will transform the way you and your clients experience and develop real estate. Undoubtedly, technologies will change the lives of tenants, urban residents, and people from the industry.

REDD Real Estate Digital Data is part of this revolution. We gather information describing the whole picture of the market. Consequently, we have exceeded the astronomical number of seven billion pieces of data concerning office investments throughout Poland. We never stop. We’re going for more.

At the PropTech Innovation Awards 2021, our flagship product REDD Platform was selected as one of the 25 most innovative PropTech solutions in the world. And I promise, we will never stop. We’re going for more.

Our aim is to prepare real estate for the future

According to Moore’s Law, technological capability doubles every two years. Now we are entering a fascinating time of quantum computers and graphene which, compared with current changes, will be a real Big Bang that changes the world irreversibly. We will not stop, since we want to be part of this change.

REDD’s goal is to prepare the market for this future. We have already met the objective by creating for you friendly and, at the same time, extremely powerful technological tools. Every day, the REDD Platform helps owners, investment funds, and consultancies across Poland. Our data are used by the employees of all the biggest companies in the market — even if they do not admit it.

Dear Real Estate Professional, we are not going to stop because we are too afraid of idleness. If you believe that we are right, we are waiting for you — join us on this fascinating journey and let’s create together the real estate of tomorrow. There is no other future.

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