REDD Update: 2020 Recap

When I think of 2020, I see the enormous jump we did at REDD. Read to learn more about the fantastic year at REDD.

On March 5th, we invited 50 industry leaders to the launch of the new online platform from REDD. Together with Piotr Smagala and our Warsaw team, we presented over 100 new features that support the most comprehensive office data assets ever unified in Poland.

The Last 2020 Party, March ‘20

With REDD 2.0, our customers:

  • received access to the advanced search engine that makes it easy to find any office unit across 27 cities within seconds
  • were armed with online tools for a quicker property introduction to potential tenants

Additionally, we have opened up the market to a wider array of professionals from the Advisory, Investment, and Banking sectors.

The result? Extremely exponential growth!

Accelerated user database growth resulted in 1,500 registered accounts just by April.

Within hours of the release of the fresh platform, we knew we had hit the jackpot. New requests were just pouring in.

Our Response To The Pandemic

Our joy has been held back by the news of the pandemic. With the all-round mobilization and uncertainties related to Covid-19, we decided to take decisive action in our field of expertise.

With our research team’s dedicated engagement during the week and analysts’ time every weekend, we could deliver almost real-time market updates every Monday from mid-March till the end of 2020.

The weekly newsletters became a popular morning lecture for more than 1,000 professionals. Our studies were recognized by the most trusted and opinion-forming press titles and media, including Puls Biznesu, Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza, and more.

We reached over 3.8 million people with our market analyses in 2020. No other property technology firm in Poland has ever garnered this level of attention.

Data, data, data

In the second half of the year, we were focused on expanding our data network. We’ve almost doubled our internal resources and reinforced the IT infrastructure to meet the massive tide of upcoming data without turbulence.

Right now, we aggregate data that goes far beyond the standard leasing information:

  • market condition and vacancies
  • portfolio finance reports
  • mortgage register
  • ownerships and acquisitions
  • tenants and lease contracts

That variety of data became the opener for new opportunities and business lines, including Business Intelligence and broader Software Integrations with our clients’ systems.

By the end of 2020, we had reached almost 10M data points processed since the REDD Platform launch in 2018. Our data grows exponentially — our goal is to hit 30 million data records this year.

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