REDD Update: 6-Month Summary

It's been an intense time during which we've launched new products, won exceptional awards, and broken several records. Read to learn more!

REDD Update: 6-Month Summary
  • REDD among TOP-25 most innovative PropTech startups worldwide
  • REDD’s new bestseller — Landlord Pro
  • REDD got new, powerful branding
  • We have launched the first Loopnet-alike office listing website in Poland
  • Platform hit new usage records with over 800% growth y-t-y

June 2021: REDD hit the world’s TOP-25 Proptech startups list.

In June this year, during the PropTech Innovation Forum 2021, more than 300 PropTech startups competed for the world’s best proptech startup 2021. It was a great pleasure to find REDD among TOP25!

We are thrilled to see that our company is getting worldwide recognition. We do not stop; we go for more!
Here’s the winning pitch!

August 2021: REDD launches a new product — Landlord Pro.

Landlord Pro is an exceptional product designed for commercial real estate owners who need exclusive insights into the real-time performance of their properties. By buying a subscription for Landlord Pro, clients access the outstanding data to monitor every aspect of the owned assets. Using our platform, landlords can make better business decisions and precisely evaluate the performance of their portfolios.

During the first two months after presenting Landlord Pro, we sold over 70 subscriptions establishing cooperation with dozens of real estate investors all over the country.
The new user type: Landlord Pro

September 2021: REDD got new, powerful branding.

The New “R”

A brand is the soul of every exceptional company. It makes the first impression of the organization. It describes the company’s mission, values, and history.
REDD is a pure revolution on the CRE market, and as we all know, every shift has its own symbol. In September, REDD got its own powerful, meaningful, and recognizable trademark.

It is not just brightness and minimalism that make our new company brand stand out. It is the deep meaning inside the brand, its history, and the people behind it. We are proud to be REDD! 🚀

Listen to my podcast with David Racchi, who is the author of the new branding:

September 2021: New platform’s usage record.

At the end of September 2021, we noted a new record of the platform’s usage. In a month, the REDD Platform reached over 800% y-t-y growth in the number of users interactions.

October 2021: The launch of a brand new, LoopNet-alike office listing website. is a unique product on Poland’s CRE market. It is an office listing website that covers more than 2000 office buildings in 32 cities. The question is: “What makes it so unique?” The answer is — REDD. All the data on the new site comes from our databases.

Moreover, is a platform built in close cooperation with investors and developers of flagship real estate projects, who advised us throughout the creation process.

We created a place on the web where property owners are stars in the spotlight. There was no such platform on Poland’s commercial real estate market for more than 30 years. And now we are here.

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